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Why Use Camp Lots?

A true list of campgrounds who would like you to stay at their resort.

There are thousands of campgrounds in the USA, and each of those listed in Camp Lots has asked us to help them promote their campground to you. These campground generally understand the needs of their visitors, upkeep their facilities as a priority, and enjoy welcoming you to to their resort!

Camp Lots has made it easy to find your next campground stay with a few easy steps:

  • Click the "Campgrounds" link at the top of each page.
  • Choose the US state you are looking for a campground.
  • Scroll through the campgrounds listed based on the area you are looking to stay.
  • Click the name of the campground you are interested in seeing more information about.

Each campground page has details available to you, submitted by that campground, so you know the information is directly from them.


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Even though we've made it very easy to navigate, we understand you may have questions. Camp Lots has a support team standing by to help you.

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